About stockholders

Vilius Aleksejunas

Founder & CEO

Vilius has an MA in computer system engineering. He has worked as a developer in PHP, MYSQL, Delphi, and Oracle PL/SQL, before becoming CEO of a successful web design company. Vilius has also created a number of event organizing companies from the ground up (based in 2 countries, across 7 cities; events include: children’s parties, stag & hen parties, corporate events, and paintball), which cater for 800 events per year.

Paulius Sukys

shareholder and manager

Entry into a new market requires the creation of both a virtual and physical infrastructure. As the IT guy, I bring my experience to Go-crazy by powering it with telecommunication, creating analytic web forms that track advertisement efficiency, measuring reaction time to new enquires, and by creating tools that optimise travel directions for our entertainers.

We use a number of processes to understand where we are and to measure our improvement. This enables us to improve our performance, set higher goals, and provide better quality services for our customers. I have improved the contracts signing infrastructure, moving from paper contracts to e-signature. Listening to sales call recordings allows me to continually improve our telephone scripts, which leads to better rates of conversion.

My ambition is to raise the bar for each of our processes. I also want to increase the quality of our events by recruiting better and highly motivated talent, so that we can transform children’s dreams from the impossible into the possible.

To achieve this, we also need to improve warehouse and call centre management, and to integrate talented sales people. But at the end of the day, reading our customer feedback – "My son had said he had the best party ever" (Nadine), "The party was FANTASTIC" (Nicky), "I will be recommending this to friends and family" (Angela) – I know that I can sleep peacefully because the land of dreams is built of "solid bricks".

We organize events in London & Bristol, United Kingdom.

575 enjoyable parties since 2011.

+44 20 3389 5911

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