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We believe that an event organization company can grow and transform by implementing a better business model namely, one that uses IT & internet processes for faster growth, and has better quality assurance, more effective repeat marketing, and easier management of entertainers and other personnel.

Our idea is to take traditional event management field and improve it by using similar web processes to that of UBER®, AIRBNB®, and other successful web businesses.

We have already put a lot of work and effort into creating strong scenarios: we’ve built our own ERP solution, created functioning websites, produced online marketing content, and procured initial clients and entertainers. Now, it’s time for us to multiply and expand our business to reach new markets and new scenarios.

Are you interested in the entertainment field and internet based platforms? Would you like to invest with us?


  • 1Finances to expand our growth
  • 2Local marketing in the UK, knowhow and contacts
  • 3Knowhow and contacts in the UK franchise field
  • 4Knowhow in process improvement

with your help we can do more

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